4th International exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchangers, power generation and heat networks equipment
22 - 24 October 2019 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo

About exhibition

International Exhibition of Industrial Boilers, Heat Exchange and Power Generation Equipment HEAT&POWER.

International Exhibition HEAT&POWER is a promising business site for demonstration of innovations and process solutions for construction, operation, repair and modernisation of equipment for heat and power supply facilities in various industries. Experts will be provided with industrial boilers, heat exchange and auxiliary engineering equipment and stand-alone power supply systems for solving heat and power supply issues of their enterprise. In HEAT&POWER 2018 own products and services were presented by more than 100 companies from 12 countries, including Austria, Belarus, China, Finland, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Korea, Russia: Aprovis Energy Systems GmbH, Atrium, Belkotlomash, Boiler, BWT, Caterpillar Energy Solutions, De Dietrich, GMGen Power Systems, GreenTechEnergy, Elemer, FasEnergoMash, Forcel, Herz, Kelvion Mashimpeks, Kirovsky Boiler Plant, Kodo, Kovrovsky Boilers, MAN Motortech, MRU GmbH, MTU Onsite Energye, Oilon OY, Polytechnik, PromAutomation, PromStroyEnergy Plant, Pskovsky Boiler Plant, Shandung Pulilong, Schiedel, SibEnergoMash,Teko-Filter, Temron Boiler Plant, Viessmann, Vodeko and more others.

Boilers, heat exchange, power generation and auxiliary engineering equipment will be presented at the Exhibition HEAT&POWER:

  • boiler units (transportable, block-modular, roof);
  • industrial medium- and high-duty boilers, using various types of fuel;
  • burners;
  • heat supply stations;
  • industrial heat pumps;
  • steam generators;
  • economizers;
  • automation and dispatching systems;
  • condensate tanks and reservoirs;
  • draft systems, industrial ventilation systems;
  • ash collectors, slag removal systems;
  • equipment for boiler rooms, for water treatment, for cleaning and washing boilers;
  • instruments: gas analysers, manometers, flow meters;
  • pipes for boiler rooms and CHP plants;
  • gas piston, diesel, gasoline power stations;
  • cogeneration plants;
  • steam, gas, turbine plants;
  • batteries;
  • inverter systems.

Benefits of participating in the Exhibition HEAT&POWER
Benefits of attending the Exhibition HEAT&POWER