Heat exchange equipment. Auxiliary engineering equipment

The HEAT&POWER exhibition presents a wide range of heat exchange equipment and auxiliary engineering equipment for boiler stations and CHP plants:

• heat exchange equipment: plate, shell-and-tube, brazed and other
• automation and dispatch systems
• pump equipment
• valves
• gas equipment for boiler rooms
• condensate tanks and reservoirs
• draft systems
• ash collectors, slag removal systems
• industrial ventilation systems
• waste-heat flues
• equipment for water treatment: feed water tanks, water-treatment plants, filters, chemicals
• instrumentation: water, heat, gas, electricity meters; gas analysers, manometers, flow meters

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Exhibiting at HEAT&POWER is an effective tool of industrial boiler, heat exchange and power generating equipment promotion on the Russian market
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Visiting HEAT&POWER exhibition will help you solving major professional and business tasks in a convenient and time-saving manner
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