5th International exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchange equipment, power generation and heat pipelines equipment
27 - 29 October 2020 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo

Heat exchange equipment plants

HEAT&POWER is a promising business site for demonstration of innovations and technological solutions for construction, operation, repair and modernisation of equipment for heat and power supply facilities in various industries. At the exhibition, experts who want to purchase equipment will be able to review technical specifications of the products presented and choose a supplier to solve their business issues.
Leading Russian and foreign manufacturers take part in the exhibition to show their advanced process solutions and meet key partners. Aprovis, Forcel, Kelvion Mashimpeks, Biysk Boiler Plant, Boiler, Promstroyindustriya, Thermoblock, etc. shall be noted among representatives of plants attending the exhibition Heat&Power.
The products presented at the exhibition are in demand and applied in various important industries: pubic and large energy services, oil and gas, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food industry, shipbuilding, metallurgy, ensuring process efficiency and economic benefits. In public and large energy services, heat exchangers are the critical component.
Petrochemical, gas and oil industries develop worldwide really fast, and this development would have been impossible without production aimed at running heat exchange processes when it is necessary to heat or cool the process medium in order to treat it or recycle heat.
Heat exchanging equipment is a critical part of process equipment in chemical and related industries. Heat exchangers can be classified as follows:

  • by design— units made of pipes, sheet material, with a heat exchange surface made of non-metallic materials;
  • by purpose — refrigerators, heaters, evaporators, condensers;
  • by coolant flow direction — direct-flow, counter-flow, cross-flow, etc.;
  • by principle of action — recuperative, regenerative, and mixing.

There are various conditions for implementing heat exchange processes in industrial devices. They are used for working media with various aggregate states and structures (gas, vapour, drop liquid, emulsion, etc.) in a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and physical and chemical properties. Due to a variety of requirements related to operating conditions, devices of various designs and types are used, and for each type there is a wide range of heat exchange surfaces (from several to several thousand square meters for one device).
Industrial heat exchange equipment has a number of characteristics: design features, dimensions, weight, serviceability, heat exchange conditions, efficiency, hydrodynamic perfection, durability, aesthetic appearance, thermal performance, process temperature conditions, physical and chemical properties of coolants, process stability, etc.