4th International exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchangers, power generation and heat networks equipment
22 - 24 October 2019 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo

About exhibition

HEAT&POWER International Exhibition of Industrial Boiler, Heat Exchange, and Power Generation Equipment was held at the most up-to-date exhibition centre – Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre – in Moscow on 23-25 October 2018.

The following manufacturers took part in the Exhibition 2018:
Industrial medium- and high-duty boilers and burners using various types of fuel: De Dietrich, Herz, Kodo, Polytechnik, Temron, Viessmann, Severnaya Kompaniya and others.
Heat exchange equipment: Aprovis Energy Systems GmbH, Forcel, Boiler, Kelvion Mashimpeks, Termoblok, and others.
Auxiliary engineering equipment for boiler houses, heat supply stations, CHPP and TPP: BWT, Schiedel, Vodeco, Owen, Promavtomatika, Rasko, Teko-Filter, Elemer, and others.
Power Generation Equipment: Caterpillar Energy Solutions, GMGen Power Systems, MAN Motortech, MTU Onsite Energy, GreenTech Energy, Energotekh, and others.
As many as 2,579 specialists attended Heat&Power.
They were:

  • Representatives of generating and heat supply companies;
  • Chief Executives and experts in charge of uninterruptible power and heat supply for enterprises;
  • Experts from design, construction, and installation companies interested in procurement of industrial boiler equipment and autonomous power supply systems for construction, repair, or modernisation of power facilities of enterprises in various industries; and
  • Representatives of trading companies, which are specialised in supply of industrial boiler equipment and autonomous power supply systems, seeking to expand cooperation with producers and suppliers.

Business programme events accompanying the Heat&Power Exhibition added up-to-date and reliable industry information needed by specialists to solve their professional problems.
Over the three days, the international research-to-practice conferences “Energy Efficiency in Housing and Utility Infrastructure”, “Innovative Equipment for Construction, Repair and Modernisation of Boiler Houses, Heat Supply Units, Energy Farms and CHP Plants”, and “Independent Power Generation as Highly Profitable Business and a Tool for Double Reduction of Energy Consumption” were held with great success. Experts from Russia, Belarus, Germany, and Italy participated in the conferences.
Heat&Power was sharing the site with seven other industrial exhibitions, such as: PCVExpo, Power Electronics, ExpoCoating Moscow, Fasttec, Testing&Control, and NDT Russia. These industrial exhibitions had been visited by over 14,000 specialists over the three days.
The 4th International Exhibition of Industrial Boiler, Heat Exchange, and Power Generation Equipment will be held at Crocus-Expo International Exhibition Centre on 22–24 of October 2019.

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