5th International exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchange equipment, power generation and heat pipelines equipment
27 - 29 October 2020 • Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo

Business program 2019

Business program
of the 4th International exhibition of industrial boilers, heat exchangers, power generation and heat pipelines equipment

22 October 2019

11.00 – 13.00 – Plenary panel “Electricity-producing industry of the future: focus areas and goals”

Growth of the energy sector in Russia is an important component of the country’s economic development and an essential condition for the normal functioning. The experts will raise such issues as: measures of the state support, legal and regulatory framework, opportunities for implementation of innovation programs and strategic projects, the most effective use of the power resources, new technologies adoption, etc.


Ruslan Shiryaev, General Director of MPNU “Energotehmontazh”, President of the club of heat power engineers “Phlogiston”


Roman Kutasin, Head of the Department Of state energy supervision of the Federal service for environmental, technological and nuclear supervision

Alexander Pavlenko, Chairman of the Committee on heat and power, member of the Presidium of “OPORA RUSSIA”

Anton Poryadin, Partner, Head of strategic consulting practice in the CIS “Ernst&Young”

Yuri Stankevich, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs on energy policy and energy efficiency

Leonid Shenets, Director of the energy Department of the Eurasian economic Commission

13.00 – 14.00 – Exhibition opening ceremony. Exhibition tour

14.00 – 15.30 – Discussion panel “Digital opportunities-the future of energy”

World trends in the development of power systems are forcing them to a “digital transition”. This is a fundamental change in the internal systems and management. Back in 2017, the digitalization of the economy was included in the list of the main directions of Russia's strategic development. Today, the 4th industrial revolution and the industrial Internet of things is a natural evolution of modern technologies aimed at widespread digitalization. The industry is moving from the traditional organization of power systems to new technologies and practices. In the field of power management systems large-scale changes are required. They will eventually lead to a proficient transformation of the conditions of delivering the power supplies to consumers. The proposals disclosed in the national project “Intelligent energy system of Russia”, developed by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, should be implemented in cooperation of the government and leading industry players.


Fedor Veselov, Deputy Director for science, Head of the Department of scientific bases of energy systems development Of the Institute for energy research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph. D.


Evgeny Grabchak, Director of the Department of operational control and management in the electric power industry, Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation

Boris Arkhipov, Deputy General Director-Chief engineer of PJSC “T Plus”

Dmitry Ivanov, Advisor to the General Director of JSC “RASU”, Head of the working group at the project office “Digital energy” of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation

Oleg Grinko, Leader (co-head) of the working group on the development and implementation of the energy no roadmap “Energynet” of the National technology initiative, General Director of “T-System” LLC

Anastasia Perdero, Head of project Internet of Energy, SKOLKOVO business school Energy center

15.30 – 16.00 – Break

16.00 – 17.30 – Round table “Prospects and opportunities of domestic industry in the global struggle for technological leadership”

Import substitution should lead to the production in Russia to a high competitive level. For the organization of the turn-out, capable to compete with foreign counterparts, business needs tax incentives and governmental support. Import substitution contributes to the preservation of foreign currency earnings within the country and as a result – the growth of foreign currency reserves. This will effect positively on the improvement of the trade balance and on the growth of national industry. In recent years, a significant dependence on equipment foreign manufacture has become a strong incentive for both localization of production in Russia and acceleration of own developments.


Rogalev Nikolay Dmitrievich, Rector of Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education "national research University "Moscow power engineering Institute»


Rashid Artikov, General Director of the Association of organizations in the field of energy, Head of The section Support and promotion of domestic producers in the fuel and energy sector of the Working group of the expert Council of the SF FS RF

Igor Kozhukhovsky, Deputy General Director of fsbi "Russian energy Agency", Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NP " Distributed energy»

Valery Shagaev, Chairman of the import substitution Commission, member Of the Board of OPORA RUSSIA»

23 October 2019

10.30 – 12.30 – Research and practice conference “Efficiency of conversion of boilers to Mini-Heat Power Plants: design, construction and modernization”

The participants will be able to discuss the application in practice of equipment at heat power facilities; energy efficiency and cost reduction on construction, operation, repair, reconstruction, modernization of heating boilers, Mini-Heat Power Plants.


Julia Lediaeva, Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Industrial and Heating Boiler-houses and Mini-Heat Power Plants”


Sergey Arefyev, project Manager “Geyser", the company “Kovrov boilers”

Mikhail Grigoryan, Technical specialist of LLC “Testo Rus”

Ivan Dorokhov, Technical Director, “Metalloform”

Alexander Zuev, General Director of “Greentech energy” LLC

Ekaterina Nikonova, Deputy General Director of “AMAX” Group of companies

Alexander Preobrazhensky, “Aqua-Term Publishing Center”

Valery Rodin, the Engineer, the product of LLC “Grundfos”

Igor Skorodumov, small energy market Expert

Dmitry Starovoitov, training and technical support Specialist, ELCO, “Ariston Thermo Rus”

Alexander Shubin, Imex-intma Expert

12.30 – 12.45 – Break

12.45 – 14.45 – Round table “How to increase the reliability of heat supply systems? Experience in implementing modern solutions”

Heating is one of the main power subsystems. The large process of physical deterioration of power networks make the process of annual renewal and repair and modernization inevitable, while the preference is given to new innovative technologies. These and other issues will be discussed by the participants of the round table.


Lidia Troshina, COO Association of Manufacturers and Consumers of Pipelines with Industrial Polymer Insulation (Association PPTIPI)


Sergey Agapov, Executive Director of “Thermoform” LLC

Irina Danelia, Deputy General Director of LLC “SMITH-Yartsevo”

Nikolay Zhurkov, Commercial Director of JSC “Defense technologies”

Alexander Sultanov, General Director of LLC “Plant of shaped products”

Vladislav Startsev, Head of repair and construction Department of LLC “Plant of shaped products”

Lidia Troshina, COO Association of Manufacturers and Consumers of Pipelines with Industrial Polymer Insulation (Association PPTIPI)

Sergey Fedosov, Deputy General Director of “POLIMERTEPLO Group” LLC

Alexander Filippov, General Director of “Alfa-Partner” LLC

14.45 – 15.00 – Break

15.00 – 17.00 – Research and practice conference “Advantages of own power generation: market trends”

Power generation is one of the key area for firm service of industrial enterprises. Creating of an own generation to produce electricity for your own needs can be both more profitable and more reliable. These and other issues will be discussed by industry experts at this event.


Maksim Zagornov, Director of the MKS Group of Companies, President of the Russian Association of small energy

Pavel Ilyushin, head of the national research Committee C6 RNA CIGRE, Chairman of the section “Active power distribution systems and distributed energy resources” of the scientific and technical Council of the Unified energy system, Vice-rector for scientific work of the ST. Petersburg energy Institute of advanced training, Ph. D.


Sergey Gorbatovsky, Deputy Director of NPP “Impulse”

Maxim Zagornov, Director of the MKS Group of Companies, President of the Russian Association of small energy

Vladimir Zinin, Director of the advanced development Department of JSC “Research enterprise of General engineering” (JSC “NIPOM”)

Pavel Ilyushin, Vice-Rector for research, St. Petersburg energy Institute of advanced training, Ph. D.

Yuri Melnikov, Senior analyst of “Electric power” direction of the energy Center of the Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO

Alexey Sinelnikov, Director for distributed energy of JSC “STC UES (Moscow branch)”

German Teplovodsky, Representative of MWM Austria Gmbh

24 October 2019

10.00 – 16.00 – XVII industry conference “Heating Supply-2019”, session “Products and technologies for modern heating supply systems”


Viktor Semenov, President of NP “Russian heating Supply”

Organizer: Non-profit partnership “Russian heating Supply”