T Plus repairs foreign equipment by Russian specialists


At Izhevsk CHPP-1 of the Udmurt branch of PJSC T Plus, the repair of the booster compressor station (DKS) manufactured by the German company Borsig was completed. For the first time in Russia, repair of such a volume on BCS equipment was carried out without involving representatives of the manufacturer. This is especially important in conditions of restrictions on the entry of foreign specialists into the country.

T Plus repairs foreign equipment by Russian specialists

Specialists of Russian contracting organizations conducted an audit of the bearings of the DCS and its electric motors, replacement of seals, repair of the compressed air and nitrogen supply system, and maintenance of the fire fighting system. Representatives of the manufacturer provided advice to Russian specialists in video communications.

At the same time, specialists from the Sulzer Turbo Services Rus company conducted a small inspection of the GTE-160 gas turbine manufactured by Siemens.

By link - https://in-power.ru/news/energosbit/31043-t-plyus-remontiruet-inostrannoe-oborudovanie-silami-rossiiskih-specialistov.html

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