Heat exchange equipment of the company Termoblok at HEAT&POWER 2020

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Termoblok is one of the main manufacturers of heat exchange equipment in Russia.

Heat exchange equipment of the company Termoblok at HEAT&POWER 2020

Termoblok manufactures the widest standard-size range of heat-exchange plates and seals in Russia, from DN 25 to DN 150 inclusive.

On the basis of plates of its own design, Termoblok manufactures TeploHit gasketed plate heat exchangers for heating, hot water supply and ventilation systems, as well as as a cooler or heater for almost any liquid in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

The enterprise has a design and technological department. The technical capabilities of the enterprise allow developing and producing its own molding equipment, molds and dies for the production of heat exchange plates and seals.

The range of products, in addition to heat exchange equipment, includes sophisticated automatic rotor lines, as well as non-standard equipment, which makes it possible to neutralize the influence of seasonal demand on heat exchangers and thereby provide customers with one of the best offers on the heat exchange equipment market in terms of price and quality ratio.

We invite specialists to visit the stand of Termoblok at the HEAT&POWER 2020 exhibition.


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