Registration of HEAT&POWER 2018 is opened!


HEAT & POWER is the business area for demonstration of innovations and technological solutions for construction, operation, repair and modernisation of equipment of heat and power supply facilities in various economy sectors.

Visiting HEAT&POWER exhibition is a unique opportunity to promptly:

  • get to know and evaluate technical performance of exhibited industrial boiler, heat exchange and other heat and power equipment, as well as autonomous power supply systems;
  • select a supplier of equipment to provide for heat and power supply of one’s enterprise.

The HEAT&POWER exhibition will feature a wide range of equipment:

  • Industrial boiler equipment;
  • Heat exchange equipment;
  • Auxiliary engineering equipment for CHP plants and boiler stations (automation systems, water treatment equipment, chimneys, testing and measuring device, etc)
  • Power generation equipment (diesel, petrol, and gas piston generators. Cogeneration units, steam and gas turbines)

Welcome to HEAT&POWER 2018!

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