Tatarstan has got mobile boilers


The emergency technical reserve of the Republic of Tatarstan was replenished with two mobile boiler installations with a capacity of 2.5 MW and 3.5 MW.

For their acquisition on the instructions of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov 21 million rubles were allocated. The general director of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Tajikistan “Tatlizing” Niyaz Sitdikov told journalists about this.

Each boiler plant has the capacity to heat 5 to 10 apartment buildings, depending on the air temperature. To deploy the equipment you need about six specialists.

“They are necessary in case of emergency situations, especially in winter, of course, in case of frost. We can deliver them to the accident point in any region of Tatarstan, connect them to any network within 1.5-2 hours and give heat to residential buildings and other facilities, ”said Sitdikov.

The need to purchase mobile boiler installations arose after the destruction of the boiler room on the street. Port in Kazan, which occurred in March last year. Then, 1.5 thousand people were left without heat, and it took about a day to eliminate the consequences of a state of emergency.

“We were forced to connect the heat supply network of the indicated boiler-house to the other one’s own heat source and continue heating the population. If we had a mobile boiler house, it would be possible to remedy the situation in a shorter time, ”Alexey Lavrentyev, deputy chief engineer of Kazenergo JSC, said in an interview with journalists.

The installations were run in on one of the Kazenergo buildings. According to Lavrentiev, they have shown themselves to be “efficient and high-quality boiler houses”.

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