800 million rubles will be allocated for the overhaul of the municipal infrastructure in Primorye


An excerpt from the transcript of the report of the Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako to the Legislative Assembly.

Now the main problem is the high depreciation of public utilities - more than 65%.

In 2018, using the funds of the regional budget in the amount of 564 million rubles, capital repairs of heating networks, heat and water supply facilities were already completed, and 18 automated modular boiler houses were installed; 184 land plots connected to large families are connected to the water supply and electricity networks.

At the same time, the measures taken do not solve the main problem of reducing the wear and tear of communal infrastructure. There is a need for a systematic approach to the modernization and reconstruction of heat, water and wastewater facilities, as well as a multiple increase in funds allocated to replace more networks and repair facilities, since the last years the volume of work performed only allows to restrain the aging of networks, and not improve their condition.

That is why for 2019, the programs of enterprises of the housing and communal complex provided for major repairs to more than 140 heat, water and wastewater facilities worth about 800 million rubles.

In 2018, the implementation of measures for the improvement of the territories of municipalities of the region was continued.

By link - https://www.rosteplo.ru/news/2019/04/24/1556045228-na-kapitalnyj-remont-kommunalnoj-infrastruktury-v-primore

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