New issue of the magazine "Industrial and heating boilers and mini-CHP"


Announcement №5 (53) -2019

№5 (53) -2019 of the magazine “Industrial and Heating Boiler-houses and Mini-Heat Power Plants” opens the introductory word of Alexander Gulevich, General Director of the Magnitogorsk company Teploservis-TS, which has been working in the market of heat engineering services since 2000. Alexander Gulevich notes such important trends as the shortest possible delivery times for equipment and the use of “digital” technologies. The use of information models today makes it possible to shorten the design time, eliminate collisions and intersections of networks, improve the quality of technical solutions, automate processes at a high level and operate boilers.

The topic of “digitalization” is also devoted to the central material of the issue under the heading “Round Table”. We are talking about BIM-design of boiler houses; today this technology has been successfully used by large companies in the small energy market. Leading industry experts share information about the benefits of BIM-design, how much it costs to study it, what are its nuances, difficulties and prospects for the near future.

In the headings "Boiler rooms" and "Power stations and cogeneration" published overlapping articles on the use of biofuels. At the moment it is the most efficient, affordable, environmentally friendly and very popular fuel. One of the articles discusses the original technology, the novelty of which is that a gas turbine is used as a power unit for converting thermal energy of combustible solid fuel, and a mixture of combustion products with air is used as a working medium.

Also in this issue: a guide for choosing thermal oil, the introduction of automatic boiler room at Agava design bureau, foreign experience in using biogas, operating experience of an active degassing station at the Novy Svet-EKO test site, new use of solid biofuels in low-energy, using electrochemical sensors in portable analyzers flue gases, selection of reagents for water circulation cycles.

In the “Reporting” section, the winners of the “Small Energy - Great Achievement” award are considered - the Aguna boiler house for the Samotsvety residential complex in Yekaterinburg with a capacity of 2.3 MW and two biogas plants in Brest Region with a capacity of 1 and 2 MW, socially significant objects implemented by ENECA.

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