The State program «Energy Development» is 98.9% complete in 2019.



The Ministry of Finance estimated the utilization of budget of the State program "Energy Development" at 98.9%. The operational information on the limits of budgetary obligations and the execution of expenditures by state programs indicates that the reported limits of budgetary obligations under the program in 2019 amounted to 18.6 billion rubles.

According to the Ministry of Finance, last year the program spent 18.4 billion rubles, which is 98.9% of the total amount of funds brought.

The state program "Energy Development" provides for two stages of implementation. The first stage was implemented from 2013 to 2018, the second will be implemented until the end of 2024. The program includes several subprograms, including subprograms to improve energy efficiency, modernize electricity, develop the oil, gas, coal and peat industries, and develop renewable energy sources.

According to the results of the state program, the growth in investment in fixed assets in the fuel and energy complex following the results of 2024 is expected to be 153.4% ​​compared to the level of 2018.

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